The Vision

To ensure all communities in Africa Achieve greater levels of education

Who We Are

“Learning shortfalls during the school years end up showing up as a weak skill for the workforce”. (World Bank, 2018).

Children born in underserved communities are faced with a learning deficiency due to lack of access to skills, quality education and opportunities that will enable them integrate into the workforce, transform their communities and compete with privileged children. Hence,  The Mindset Initiative For Sustainable Education was established to fill these gaps. 

Founded in April 2019, The Mindset Initiative for Sustainable Education is a youth led, volunteer driven nonprofit organization that seeks increase access to quality education in all communities in Africa through Global Citizenship Education Workshops, Mentorship, and Advocacy to provide secondary school students in underserved communities in Africa with essential life skills training needed for the workforce and future of works. They also provide scholarship opportunities and educational supports for students who are at risk in school and out-of-school children in underserved communities.

The Mindset Initiative uses the Volunteer Mobilization Approach and partnership with schools in low-income communities to reach out to underserved secondary school students. It also leverages technology to empower underserved youths aged 12-25 with leadership and career development training.

Our Core Values


— Integrity

We believe in truthfulness and we adopt it in all our doings. We promote transparency and accountability.


— Sustainability

We ensure that we finish what we start and we continue with our programmes. We continue to engage our beneficiaries and we are pertinent about scalability and improvement.


— Excellence

We do our work so well with professionalism.


— Passion

We engage passionate young people who have underserved young people at heart and ensuring they access quality education


— Teamwork

We believe in co-creation and collaboration. Through this we can reach more and create more.


— Empathy

We see change in the eyes of our beneficiaries, we stand in thier shoes and we immerse ourselves in thier experience.


The Mindset Africa:
Digital Literacy Training for Secondary School Students

Report on Digital Literacy Training by The Mindset Initiative for Sustainable Education
February, 2020

The Mindset Africa:
2019 Report

The Mindset Initiative for Sustainable Education

December, 2019