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Digital Literacy Training for Secondary School Students

Some months ago, we conceived an idea. An idea we believed will shape the future
and transform Nigerian students into 21st-century students who will able to
compete in the global space irrespective of their background or the community
they live in.
Nigeria is one of the leading countries with many out-of-school students. While
this is a major concern, it is also no news that the quality of education that the
students who are in school get is poor. Education should be a fundamental right of
every kid out there and such education should also be quality and holistic
education which will build future leaders that are great thinkers and problems
In today’s world, it is expected that every child has equal access to quality
education. As Information Technology is growing, the demand for IT skills is rising.
The future of work demands that everyone has Digital Literacy Skill. Quality
education demands that every child is equipped with digital skills. This is not seen
in many schools in our communities as we are far behind in getting ready for the
future which is already here.
We discovered a gap in digital literacy knowledge among students and we realized
there is need to step in as an organization working in the education space to bridge
this gap and create a society of students that are digitally inclined.
We carried the mantle and took a bold step to start the Digital Literacy Training for
secondary school students in different communities. We believe this is the
beginning of a digital revolution in Africa.
We see a future where every child has access to the computer.
We see a future where there is a tech hub in every community where children can
go to learn about the computer.

Thank you.

Olusola Aremu
Chief Operating Officer

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