our projects


Teachers Workshop

Establishing a Teachers Leadership Program to provide effective professional development opportunities for teachers serving in conflict-affected, under-resourced and underserved communities. Various form of teacher in-service training and support resources will be mobilised to ensure teachers can develop the pedagogical skills and leadership capacity to train and empower their students. This includes mentoring sessions with education specialists, international professional exchanges and field trips as well as training on the application of modern technologies towards improving the quality of teaching and learning.

the girl chid

SheCanLead; Project

Is a Girl’s Education program with the aim of grooming young and adolescent girls in marginalized areas into healthy, educated and employable citizens through capacity building and economic empowerment. Using a comprehensive sexuality education-focused program, we seek to train young girls on personal development, gender, health and sexuality as well as leadership and communication skills

Back2School, with our back to school initiative to get to identify communities that need our interventions and we run a documentary advocacy video of the community to in raising funds towards the course.



This project is aimed at training and equipping children between ages 13-17years with digital and coding skills in a bid to help them leverage on technology in proffering solutions to local and global problems.


Teenovation Conference

This is a teens innovation challenge where secondary students can get to pitch new innovations and ideas that can solve problems in their communities and also get to learn from speakers from various fields of life.


Empowerment Workshop

We get to empower vulnerable women and youths in marginalized communities with relevant hands on skills in a bid to bring them out of multidimensional poverty