Our solution

We aim to address the lack of access to quality education through three strategic action plan

what fuels our passion


— 50%

89 million youths aged 12-24 years are out of school in Sub-Saharan Africa, and the World Bank projects 40 million more to drop out in the next decade


— 46%

13.5 million kids are out of school in Nigeria 



— 90%

9 out of 10 find it challenging to discover purpose


— 70%

70% of the employed workforce is not happy with their Job


— 45%

Over 200 million people don’t have Job 



— 100%

We are 100% human

Our Programs

Digital Literacy Training

Digital Literacy Training is a STEM Education project aimed at equipping marginalized students in rural communities with digital literacy knowledge.

Back To School Project

The Back To School Project operates to reduce the number of out-of-school children who are in their formative years. 

SDGs Tour to Secondary School

The SDGs Tour is a campaign and awareness creation tour on the Sustainable Development Goals. It provides opportunities for students to learn about the SDGs.

Global Citizenship Education (GCED) Workshop

Global Citizenship Education Workshop is an attempt to bridge the gap and educational deficiencies and support students through the GCEC Curriculum.

Leadership and Capacity Development Training for Teens

We provide and equip learners (teens and youths) with leadership skills with a carefully designed curriculum that meets the standard of the 21st century.

Bringing Dreams within Reach

Exactly as it sounds. We try to bring dreams within the reach of individuals we come across.